Tournament Soccer Rubber Handle Rib Style For TS Foosball Tables

So, let’s review the new Warrior foosball table…

Here in Newport, NC we thought we would take a close up look and give everyone an in depth foosball table review on the ITSF & USTSF recognized Warrior foosball table. This should give you a good idea of the quality and playability of the new tournament grade Warrior foosball tables. Of course, once you get in some good practice time and start to master the game, you’ll be ready to take on the rest of the pro foosball players on the various professional foosball tournaments that Warrior holds throughout the United States.

High Quality Foosball Table Cabinet Construction

The new Warrior foosball table is used on the Pro Foosball Tour and has been put through the test by hard hitting top tour professionals at major foosball tournaments throughout the United States. If you’re lucky, they might be showing up in Newport, NC sometime soon. Hopefully, you’ll be ready for it! The Warrior foosball table cabinet and playfield are made using a high quality MDF. Then both are coated with a great looking PVC laminate in their respected colors. Black for the outer cabinet, white for the inner side walls, and classic green for the foosball playfield surface. The Warrior cabinet receives fantastic foosball table reviews due to its classic design and great stability during foosball tournament play. This foosball table feels twice as heavy as it is!