Listed here are some of the more common foosball rules needed on the professional foosball tour to protect the integrity of the game. These are the same rules used at an ITSF or USTSF sanctioned event. We’re pretty sure they’ll come in quite useful at home, school, or the office.

  1. No Spinning – This is probably the oldest foosball rule in existence. The foosball rules state that the rod cannot rotate in excess of 360 degrees before or after the man advances the ball upon impact. The foosball rules also state that you must have clear control of the handle at all times. The penalty for letting your hands go and spinning the rod is a loss of ball possession. If you spin then your opponent gets to reserve the ball on his 5-man rod. So, keep your hands on the handle and don’t let go.
  2. No Jarring – The foosball rules state no jarring or lifting of the table. This means if you tilt or lift the foosball table off the ground and it affects play in any way, there will be a penalty. This usually happens when someone playing on the foosball table bangs the bumpers on the rods into the side wall to hard or aggressive. This can also happen when a player lifts up on the handles with to much force. The first penalty for this infraction is to place the ball where it would have been at the time the jarring a cured or your opponent can choose to reserve the ball on their 5-man rod. The second infraction during a foosball game is a bit more severe. Your opponent receives a penalty shot from his 3-man rod.
  3. No Cursing – Lets set a good example for the kids. No fowl language! First offense for this infraction is a penalty shot from the opponents 3-man rod. If this continues a loss of game or match will occur.
  4. Keeping Score – Professional foosball tournaments use points and matches to decide who advances in the bracket. A point is counted when the ball leaves the green playfield and goes into the goal box whether it bounces back out or not. Most professional foosball matches are games played to 5 points ranging from best 3 out of 5 games, best 2 out 3 games, and sometimes just 1 game to 7 points. Choose what works best for your group depending on time constraints.
  5. Time Limits – A player can only posses the ball for the allotted time limit in the foosball rules. The time limits are as follows; Goalie area and 3-man rod cannot exceed 15 seconds. 5-man rod cannot exceed 10 seconds. Penalty for this infraction is loss of possession of the ball to the opponents 5-man rod.
  6. Distractions – No talking while the balls in play. Also, any player movement away from the ball can be ruled a distraction. Such as hand waving, burping, or jumping in the air. First penalty for distraction is loss of possession to the opponents 5-man rod. Second offense is a penalty shot from the opponents 3-man rod.

There’s some good professional foosball rules to get started with. But don’t forget “Have Fun” is the most important rule of them all.