So, let’s review the new Warrior foosball table…

Here in Wolverine Lake, MI we thought we would take a close up look and give everyone an in depth foosball table review on the ITSF & USTSF recognized Warrior foosball table. This should give you a good idea of the quality and playability of the new tournament grade Warrior foosball tables. Of course, once you get in some good practice time and start to master the game, you’ll be ready to take on the rest of the pro foosball players on the various professional foosball tournaments that Warrior holds throughout the United States.

High Quality Foosball Table Cabinet Construction

The new Warrior foosball table is used on the Pro Foosball Tour and has been put through the test by hard hitting top tour professionals at major foosball tournaments throughout the United States. If you’re lucky, they might be showing up in Wolverine Lake, MI sometime soon. Hopefully, you’ll be ready for it! The Warrior foosball table cabinet and playfield are made using a high quality MDF. Then both are coated with a great looking PVC laminate in their respected colors. Black for the outer cabinet, white for the inner side walls, and classic green for the foosball playfield surface. The Warrior cabinet receives fantastic foosball table reviews due to its classic design and great stability during foosball tournament play. This foosball table feels twice as heavy as it is!

Professional Foosball Table with Tournament Grade Foosball Rods

The Warrior Pro Foosball Table uses high grade chrome finished solid steel rods that are 14mm (9/16”) in diameter. These slightly lighter foosball rods are extremely resilient to bending and provide faster shots with better torque on impact. Foosball table reviews for this Warrior foosball table are nothing but great for these solid steel foosball rods. These rods are tough enough even for you hard playing Wolverine Lake, MI foosers.

Safest Foosball Table Ever Made with Foosball Rod Guard Protection

Warrior foosball tables are the safest foosball table ever! Whether you live in Wolverine Lake, MI or some small town in Idaho, you’ll want to make sure you family and friends are safe and don’t get poked in the head while enjoying some fierce foosball competition. Warrior is the first of its kind and has come out with a safety design that covers the moving steel rods on the table with a quality clear plastic tubing known as a “Rod Guard.” These protection devices are part of the outer foosball table bearing and do not affect play. They are a sure must have with children in the house. Finally, parents can relax while their kids are at play. After seeing Warrior’s Rod Guards in action, It’s surprising anyone else would dare build a foosball table without them. These Warrior Rod Guards are on the cutting edge of safety and get the highest rating for any foosball table review.

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State of the Art Foosball Bearings

Another one of the reasons the Warrior table is getting excellent foosball table reviews is their engineers have come up with a unique female foosball bearing design. This state of the art “Pop-Out” bearing has never been seen on any other foosball table on the planet, not even in Wolverine Lake, MI. This unique foosball bearing design allows for quick installation or change of an entire fully assembled foosball rod in less than a minute. True Story! Now that you’ve caught your breath, let’s move on to the male bearing. Like the female bearing, the Warrior male bearing is made of a durable high quality plastic composite through an injection molding process. The inside of the male bearing uses a very small dab of silicone lubricant to allow the Warrior rods to slide like they are on ice. This male bearing allows for some of the fastest shots in the world on the Warrior Pro Foosball Tour.

State of the Art Foosball Player Men

Now, moving on to the pride and joy of the Warrior Pro Foosball Table, the men. These well designed foosball player figures are a definite winner. The Warrior foosball man is counter balanced and made of a high quality ABS plastic through injection molding that provides durability and consistency. Warrior engineers have out done the professional foosball market by enlarging the “Sweet Spot” on the foot of their foosball men. This technology allows for better “Ball Control” between foosball player figures that is nothing less than phenomenal. Amateurs will look like pros and pros will play like gods! Then to top it all off, the Warrior foosball man looks darn cool wearing a small pair of sun glasses. This must be part of laid back California foosball player attitude the Warrior team has since there based in Irvine, CA. But don’t worry, you’ll adapt! And better yet, Warrior can have your new foosball table delivered to your home or office in Wolverine Lake, MI faster than you can score ten shots in a row on your grandma. Warrior has truly separated the men from the boys with this new technology in foosball table men. It looks like it’s now time for Warrior to say “Later Dude” to all its competitors’ foosball table reviews.